The Ultimate Guide To Volunteering In India

Juice like everywhere fresh coconut juice as you can see me drinking here and probably drank like two more-after that because it once every half and I can let me go and hear some baby’s catch this one actually is missing it on and there are some cute little ones over here as well a whole family of them more cleaning or scrubbing using an orgy in this area here is asshole he is my vanish Justin Bieber look alike yes now sometimes any work you can’t help but take out your phone Antigo snap chat video or picture of the animals being cute or getting something funny won’t obnoxiously copy games let me most of the time.


I was watching videos of the animals eating I don’t know this is something about them make the cute well think it’s really okay please of you is there anybody to begin with Leah and that’s me when I wake upexactly[Music]right now in the morning and I actually took today off because yesterday was actually my last day of my volunteer shift here at the center my flight is actually tomorrow morning I really wanted to take today’s my last day tree kind of full reveal at just one of those just days off after working all week and being so tired working in a sudden getting dirty and everything I had to take that last day off so.

I can Justrefresh volunteering in india before I go back home yeah just met some awesome people out here a lot of them are younger than me a lot of my older than me or the same age and just you know knowing where they came from and what their travel stories are what their plans are when I get backhoe what if is going to school or they’re going to travel abroad, even more, it’s really inspiring and motivating to me and hopefully that I could something like that in the future as well in the meantime I need to go back home and I miss for so I gotta be with her and keep working and if people are working until I can make money so I’m gonna get ready get my stuff packed and ready for leaving tomorrow and I ‘m gonna go to this[Music]hope I said on my day off which will do baby for my flight back to Houston I went over to the touch ago and they’ve involved in Tunisia just reasoner relax and get a full body massage and when I took a swim in the pool and me fell asleep in the Sun but it doesn’t go celebrate the deal we got to choose the oil we wanted to hide from the charge and the water was cold upper but you caused to it by the time I got back to WFft fearless girls who are also sending our.,/p>