How To Have A Fantastic Roofing Company With Minimal Spending

Are a couple hundred bucks apiece expect to every ten roofs to buy a new gun it’s like the throwaway I mean the bucks you know you put on I don’t know square square with them they might begin tower out but if you careful with them make sure you or oil them properly everything will work out good for youth fourth thing to get all this goings you’re going to need some marketing now marketing your roofing business can start relatively inexpensive believe tor not you can put something on Craigslist.

Facebook you might know some people or your parents can help you or somebody in your community you know and if you need to the best way is to go knock doors I mean basically you walk around the neighborhood you see a roof that needs to get done you go talk tithe homeowner and tell them look I’m ready to go let’s get the roof done they’re like okay great let’s do it done deal so marketing can be expensive but think of it as an investment for your business this is a big one the fifth one and this will be the last one is sale straining you need to know how to sell the jobs guys I offer some stuff and Do these videos to try.

To help you with free training but it’s important to make sure you’ve got at least you know four or five sales training steps under your roofing company system build the need find out the need building rapport sell the job sell the company sell the product and close the deal these are the things that you knows lot of guys don’t understand is the sales and marketing and they wonder why they don’t get any jobs these are the things that you definitely need to lightheartedness insurance tools and nebraska contractors equipment the sales and marketing.

is the thing you need to grow your business and then six and I can’t stress this enough is software we always recommend and having some type or software system behind the scenes working and that’s why we have the roofing estimator Pro incredible software web based high-end we’ve got desktop version that’s a great little tool but you.