Why It Is Not The Best Time For Art And Science

To turn that silo plot into a farm plot and I’m going to grow a little few more of these silver parsnips for little while on that sneeze yell my apologies only it didn’t happen and no wit’s going to happen whenever it wants to oh it’s the worst oh it’s the worst feeling in the world okay so I think you know I have this one here and as long as I’ve always basically the reason I want at least one silo.

I want to have some backups of these and some backups of these just in case and everything else is just gravy so let’s go ahead and make that farm and then we’re going to head out to the glass desert and I’m going to go looking for that master apiary because y’all gave me some hints as to where it might be so I’m going to take a little bit sofa closer look Thomas what is with you today all right here’s.

what I’m going to-do you need to sit here and then I’m going to bring you this okay you can play with this right hereditary ports sitting right there you go-play with that go play with that okay he’s got these ports that now here because I set him over here earlier and apparently that was a bad idea because he’s just being just a rambunctious little fella let me tell you right now you’re sitting there fine he just wanted this toy okay that’s fine pretty slammed into the floor market Quincy or Quinton you need to do a better job we’ll keep an eye on this guy all right you got one eye with-the monocle that’s on the numbers this other I you know that needs to be that little dude right there keep your eye on that dude all right you can teleport to teleport.