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It was fixed if you can fix it Plastic Surgery Denver goes wrong if you can fix it I don’t see as anything any big drama and especially the nose was fixed and Burns has continued to alter his appearance with makeup tattoos hundreds of injections and surgery to our pain and I have a similar sort of fashion thinking if only if I only what I’ve got the courage I see as an art form I see myself as my own clay and I mean I was remodeling it because I rely to be safe video like that you know and so where do you think this desire where do you think the sort of drive came to Lisbon and me since early childhood when I was getting bottles of dylon shoot I am pouring the way over my head to make my hair green but in an air fatal decision a lip implant that would change his face forever that would take Pete burns to the verge of death the surgeon dr. Maurizio vile now I develop rashes and stuff around the mouth from it and he just says oh I’ll put some steroids and the Russians will go and then I develop lumps and they say that’s the deposit of the product Walter’s got more products around in various and he just kept injecting me.

Plastic Surgery Denver

Inject him it after four years crisis point I woke up after doing some witnesses and sisters and my leg was at least inches away from my face the lower lip it was you like this big just swollen like you banging but when you wake up in your Adam’s apple has come out here @twitter further than usual I’m once lady faces as well you can’t open your eye unless yellow discharge not just leaking squirting with a hiss it would squirt from my face it was like one of the worst science fiction horror movies you could ever see a was all that being said and done that concludes worst cases of plastic surgery gone wrong if you’ve enjoyed the video make sure to leave a like comment and subscribe for better content to come in the future also don’t forget to check out a couple other videos that I’ve done in the past that are pretty awesome they’re going to be on screen right now with annotations to them and other than that have.